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Chocolate-Lover's Smoothie

Chocolate-Lover's Smoothie

Are you ready for this taste sensation? This Chocolate-Lover's smoothie will keep your taste buds dancing and have your belly feeling satisfied. This breakfast delight is jam-packed with vitamins, minerals, protein and healthy fats to fuel all your morning adventures. Let’s get after it today! 🙌👊💪🚀

• 1 frozen banana 🍌
• 1/2 frozen avocado 🥑
• 4 ice cubes 🧊
• 2 tbsp Chocolate @magicoats
• 1 tbsp cocoa power (if you like a dark chocolate taste)
• 3 cups water 💧
• 2 tbsp Chocolate Bliss NuttyHero Nut & Seed Butter

How to Make
1. Put it all in your blender and blend till smooth. Easy peasy! Enjoy 😋


Chocolate Bliss Lover's Smoothie NuttyHeroChocolate Bliss Lover's Smoothie NuttyHeroChocolate Bliss Lover's Smoothie NuttyHero

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