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Our Story

Hi, we are Courtney & Arjun!

As lifelong athletes, outdoor enthusiasts and foodies, nuts and seeds are a big part of our diet because they are a phenomenal source of plant-based energy and nutrition. However, we found it challenging to incorporate all these individual superfoods into our diet in a tasty and convenient way.

This is where the idea of optimizing the nutritional benefits of various nuts and seeds combined with delicious flavours came about.

We figured, "let's blend ALL these superfoods into a delicious, all-natural Superhero fuel". And thus, NuttyHero Nut & Seed Butter was born!

Why 'NuttyHero' ?

NuttyHero represents the inner playful spirit in all of us. We take a lot of things in our life seriously but sometimes we just need to have some fun! Our goal is to make the most kick-ass nut & seed butters that will fuel your adventures and make you smile.

Go forth NuttyHero, go forth. Boldly, where no Nut has gone before . . .

NuttyHero Animated Logo
NuttyHero Co-founders, Courtney Arjun, Kitchen Behind the Scenes

Level-up your nut butter

NuttyHero started as home recipes in our kitchen. We put in countless hours researching nutrition, developing prototypes, taste testing and obsessing over the optimal balance between nutrition and taste.

We handmake all our nut & seed butters in small batches, using 100% natural ingredients. We only create food that we regularly eat ourselves and are proud to share.

Just like our fearless NuttyHero Squirrel, we strive to rise above the norm and create recipes that are unique, innovative and delicious. We are constantly dreaming up new Nutty recipes to share!

Our Mission

We started NuttyHero to share our passion for health & wellness and have a positive impact on our community.

Be Your Best, Be Kind & Laugh Lots is the motto we try our best to live by. These values are a core part of NuttyHero.

Learn more about our Mission + Initiatives

NuttyHero Hero for Good, Buy One Feed People Plant Trees, Giving Back, Charity, B Corp
NuttyHero Co-founder Arjun, Courtney Arjun, Kitchen Behind the Scenes
Courtney and Arjun - NuttyHero founders
NuttyHero Co-founder Courtney, Courtney Arjun, Kitchen Behind the Scenes

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