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NuttyHero Coconut Pear Sandwich

Coconut Pear Sandwich

Sandwiches are such a perfectly delicious comfort food, aren't they? If you are looking for a quick & indulgent, yet healthy snack - you'll love a Coconut Pear Sandwich, featuring our NuttyHero Coconut Crunch!

Recipe by Laura @healthymadewell

How to Make:

  1. Grab a couple of slices of your favourite artisanal bread 🍞
  2. Thin slice some fresh organic pears 🍐
  3. Slather a generous dollop of NuttyHero Coconut Crunch Nut and Seed Butter on both sides of bread ⚡
  4. Place pear slices on NuttyHero bread and sprinkle some Cinnamon (we recommend fresh-ground Saigon Cinnamon).
  5. Smoosh the second NuttyHero bread slice on top and toast on a skillet with some coconut oil.
  6. Dig into the deliciousness!

Thank you Laura for creating this yummy treat 😇

NuttyHero Coconut Pear Sandwich

NuttyHero Coconut Pear Sandwich

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